NxtWave Communications Inc. was originally established as Sarnoff Digital Communications Inc. in 1996, having formerly been a part of the Sarnoff Corporation. The Company changed its name to NxtWave Communications, Inc. in 1999.

NxtWave is providing integrated circuit (IC) solutions used in low-cost, readily available Digital-TV (DTV), Set-Top Box (STB), and Personal Computer -DTV consumer products.

NxtWave designs and markets broadband communications IC's incorporating proprietary algorithms, which implement industry standard QAM, VSB, & COFDM digital transmission formats. The Company's proprietary, highly efficient, and feature-rich modulation and demodulation technology enables products that provide the world's best data transmission and reception of digital television. Consumer and commercial products that incorporate NxtWave IC's offer superior performance and value to the end user.

Innovative Technologies

NxtWave's intellectual property base is protected by numerous issued and pending patents. The company's unique, rapid demodulation and adaptive equalization technologies deliver advanced integrated circuit solutions to multiple, widely-used commercial applications.

Marketed Worldwide

NxtWave is headquartered in Langhorne, Pennsylvania with worldwide sales and applications engineering located in Irvine, California. NxtWave's products are available through an extensive network of experienced manufacturer's representative firms located throughout the world. NxtWave has established relationships with major multi-factory, worldwide silicon manufacturers.

Mission and Vision

NxtWave is dedicated to providing high-performance, low-cost integrated circuits that allow high-speed broadband voice and data communications in mass-market applications. NxtWave continually strives to improve product performance and assist customers in the development and introduction of the most innovative products.